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     Cialis is a trading name of the active ingredient Tadalafil which has been developed in the laboratories of the pharmaceutical American company Eli Lilly. FDA has approved Cialis for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction in 2003. And now this is one of the most popular and demanded drugs for the erectile function improvement for more than 10 years.

A main difference and advantage of Cialis before other drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction consists in a long-term action – 36 hours. 

Another important advantage of Cialis is that its active ingredient Tadalafil does not cause a medical addiction. It means that a man does not have to regularly increase the dose and load to his body during the long-term use of the pills.


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    How does Cialis (Tadalafil) work?    

     A pharmacological action of the main active ingredient Tadalafil is based on the recovery of the natural physiological processes during a sexual arousal.

Cialis works only if a man is sexually aroused and has a soft spot for a partner. A sexual stimulation causes an activation of the biochemical processes, so that a release of the nitrogen oxide is increased in the vessels of the penis. It causes a dilation of the blood vessels and an additional flow of the blood to the penis tissues.  

This process usually happens without the use of the medication, but it may be affected due to different disorders (pancreatic diabetes, diseases of the vessels, fatigue, neurological diseases, depression, and others). Cialis helps to enhance this biochemical process and increase erection in return of a sexual excitement.

A length of the action of Cialis is 36 hours. It means that you may forget about bad erection and completely relax within this period. The drug will control your sexual abilities.

    Administration and dosage of Cialis

Cialis dosage depends on a man’s age, body build, and physical health. A recommended starting dose of Cialis (effective and safe) is 10 mg per day. If using Cialis 10 mg causes a weak erection, and the action of the medication lasts for less than 36 hours, a dose may be increased up to 20 mg. 

Before using Cialis 10 mg pills, it is necessary to take into account that the drug acts in 30-40 minutes after the use. Therefore, if you are going to have a romantic dinner, take Cialis 10 mg beforehand.

In an hour after the use of Cialis, Tadalafil will begin acting, and you eat any food and even consume alcohol. Tadalafil does not interact with ethanol, and therefore the simultaneous use of Cilais 10 mg with beverage drinks does not cause an allergic reaction, nausea, and vomiting.

   Cialis and Generic Cialis

If you regularly take Cialis, you probably know that there is cheap Generic Cialis which is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Brand Cialis is a patented trade name of Tadalafil, and Eli Lilly has all rights to it. In spite of this, a chemical formula of Tadalafil is available, and it may be used after certain legal procedures to product the analogues of Cialis.

Generic Cialis is a medication analogical to Brand Cialis according to all pharmacological characteristics. It contains the same amount of the active ingredient Tadalafil, acts the same, and has the same side effects. If you take a pill of Brand Cialis and a pill of Generic Cialis, you will not feel the difference. 

Buy Generic Cialis 10 mg is cheaper than the original drug of the American production. Generic Cialis 10 mg is exported from India, and less financial products are spent on its production.

Unlike Brand Cialis, Generic Cialis 10 mg has not been developed for many years, and has not passed longstanding medical studies; it has been created by the known technologies. The absence of the expenses on the production of Generic Cialis 10 mg makes it more affordable. Moreover, the Indian manufacturers do not spend million sums on the advertisement of Generic Cialis 10 mg. therefore, a final cost of Generic Cialis 10 mg is by 3-4 times lower than a cost of the original drug.

   Where to buy Generic Cialis? 

Generic Cialis 10 mg is approved by FDA and may be available. But it is rather difficult to buy the drug in the city pharmacies. Pharmacies do not sell cheap analogues because it brings less profit. Therefore, you will have to look for special pharmacies to buy Generic Cialis 10 mg. However, there is another option. You may buy Generic Cialis 10 mg in the online pharmacy.

Generic Cialis is for sale directly from a manufacturer in the online pharmacy. You may order any number of the Cialis pills without leaving the house. To order Generic Cialis 10 mg online, a prescription is not required. You do not have to stand in lines, pay for the doctor’s services, and make an appointment every month to get a prescription for Cialis. 

To buy Cialis online, a prescription is not required. If you need to receive a medical consultation, you may contact a pharmacist of online pharmacy free of charge and find out any information by phone.

   What should you know before taking Cialis?

Using Cialis without prescription is possible only if you do not have any contraindications, such as:   

   - Allergy to Tadalafil

   - Heart failure

   - Closed-angle glaucoma

   - Acute myocardial infarction or stroke

   Bear in mind that the use of Cialis is impossible if you take nitrates.

As any medical product, Cialis may cause some side effects. Men usually do not have discomfort during the use of the medication but an individual reaction to Tadalafil is unpredictable. 

The side effect of Cialis is usually restricted by headache, redness of face, stuffiness of nose, rapid heartbeat, and nausea. The drug is well tolerated because it does not break the natural physiological processes in the body. But the most important thing during the use of Generic Cialis 10 mg is that the erectile dysfunction is just a symptom.

The erectile dysfunction does not appear in healthy men, and therefore if you have the first signs of this disorder, do not postpone a complete medical examination.