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Understanding the Benefits of SARMs

SARMS, which stands for selective androgen receptor modulators, are molecules (natural or synthetic) that are currently being studied and researched as a way to treat diseases. They are being considered as an alternative to anabolic-androgenic steroids now used to treat these diseases. Some have been in laboratory trials as scientists research testosterone replacement therapy.

In basic terms, they bind to the receptor and they can produce muscle and bone activity that may prove to help such conditions as osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and others. The primary benefit of SARMs, as compared to steroidal compounds (AAS), is the ability to build muscle without few or no side effects. The human body absorbs them readily, which means that they are effectively used when taken orally.


If there are basic benefits to focus on with these products, the list would have to include non-toxicity to the human liver and scant effect on blood pressure. It’s generally not necessary to use on-cycle supplements for support. AAS cycles of use can be more expensive as well, yet another benefit of using SARMs. Those who are doing their own research experience less water retention and less evidence of estrogen-related side effects.

You may have heard about selective androgen receptor modulators as associated with fitness and bodybuilding. They are being studied because of positive results that are similar to anabolic compounds. They have shown the ability to increase mass of lean muscle and to reduce overall body fat as well. In general terms, the compounds are considered therapeutic because they are androgen-receptor specific and selective in effect on body tissue.

There are few or no side effects or after-effects such as liver damage, increased body hair, and acne as is the case with anabolic steroids. Females who have researched or used AAS, for example, may develop abnormal menstrual cycles, which does not seem to be a problem buy SARMs in the USA. They can be taken by injection or orally, though the majority of products being researched are offered as a liquid or in capsule form.

Directions for Use

Naturally, you should follow the directions on your SARMs packaging very carefully after you’ve taken some time to learn more about these compounds. You can store them in a cupboard or in your gym bag so there’s generally no need for special temperatures or storage conditions. Recommended dosages are usually 0.5ml for females each day and 1ml for males each day.

It’s best to shake the bottle well before taking the recommended dose just before a workout. You should probably take your usual amount on a rest day as well, though again it’s essential to follow detailed instructions to the letter. You may begin to feel effects right away, especially if you have been on a regular training program, building up androgen receptors in muscle tissue during your workout regimen.

Most individuals who are doing their own personal research will find that body proportions and performance levels will change after one or two weeks. While full clinical approval as prescription drugs has not taken place yet, it is possible to conduct your personal trials in combination with an individual workout program.

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