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Why Eye Exam for Children is Necessary?

Eye exam for your children is done to assess the health of your child’s eye. The brief examination by a family doctor cannot replace the process of eye check conducted by an ophthalmologist. Eye exam for children is equally as important as that of an adult.

This test is necessary to ensure that your child’s performance is not hampered by low vision.

According to a recent study, it is found that 35% of American pre-schoolers suffer from vision problem. When you search for eye exam near me on the internet you will end up with a lot of options. So, you can choose one as per your convenience.

Scheduling eye exam

When you are scheduling your child’s eye exam, choose a time when he or she is happy and alert. An eye exam varies depending on the age of every child. However generally, all the eye exams include vision testing, case history and also if eye glasses are needed. Some of the eye care practices also provide case history forms which you can fill it up and bring with you on the day of the eye test. Apart from that, the form might also be sent via your mail.

Symptoms that indicates your child’s needs an eye check

If your child displays or has any of the following symptoms, don’t forget to consult your doctor.

  • History of prematurity
  • Delayed motor development
  • Excessive eye blinking
  • Regular eye rubbing
  • Failing to maintain a constant gaze.

Eye Testing for Infants

As babies are concerned they should be able to see in terms of colour vision, focusing ability and also depth after 6 months.

Doctor does this assessment by these following tests, which are

  • Testing of pupil – This process tests whether the eyes of your baby opens and closes properly in the presence or absence of light.
  • Fixate and follow – This determines whether your baby is able to fix their gaze and follow an object, for example: light.

Eye testing for pre-schoolers

  • LEA symbols: Special symbols like houses, cards are used to test the vision of the child
  • Retinoscopy: It involves shining a light into the eyes and observing the reflection from the back of eye.

  • Random dot stereopsis: Testing involves usual patterns of dots and 3-D glasses.

Child performance and vision building 

Your child’s performance can easily deteriorate if they are suffering from vision health.

Besides, some vision problems like lazy eye can be cured if detected at an early stage.

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